Azbuka Vkusa

Client: Azbuka Vkusa
Date: 2019-09-01
Services: Website Design, UX

01. Our Process

The task was to create an online store of the federal trade network Azbuka Vkusa

After carefully reading the brief and recommendations of the customer, we began to develop prototypes and mechanics of the store. In addition to the standard functionality of the online store, many additional modules were included in the development, such as: recipes, network geolocation, setting the delivery time, and many others.

02. Desktop Experience

The desktop version was the base for design approval. At the first stage, a prototype was agreed, then 3 variants of visual concepts for the design of typical site pages were proposed.

03. Mobile Solutions

Along with the desktop version, a mobile version of the site was developed in parallel, which is as relevant as possible taking into account modern realities — during its development, our team was as attentive as possible and offered only working solutions tested on successful projects.

04. Other Features

It was a tender. Our team thanks to high professionalism and well-coordinated work was won at the first stage, it won, providing an interesting successful project in the portfolio, and the customer a pleasant workflow and a good working site in the final.

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